Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cookie Twinkle-Toes

Do you follow Santa on Twitter? If not, you should! He’s pretty much the coolest person to follow! One day he posted a guide on how to figure out your elf name, you know kind of like how you figure out your stripper name. 

My name is Cookie Twinkle-Toes, what’s yours? 

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving, I love Thanksgiving. Just thought I would share this :)


Kenzie S said...

That's too cute! I'm Twinkle McJingles :D

Sara said...

Cookie Tinsel-Pants

I'd like to know what Tinsel-Pants are, though...

And really, I'm not a Grinch or anything, but seeing Santa's tweets gives me hardcore anxiety! I don't even know what *I* want for Christmas, let alone what to get anyone else! And it's so stinkin close.. I'm running out of time! Eek!

You look cute as an elf, though! :)